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General Service - £50

Brakes and Gears Setup, bike checked over, finished with a bicycle clean and oiling of chain.

Full Service - £100

Strip down of the bicycle to degrease and clean, then a full rebuild ensuring your bicycle is set up and in safe working order(Including new gear/brake cables)

New Bike Build - £45

If you have recently purchased a new bicycle online and require an expert to put together and setup this bike, our mechanic can do it outside you home!

New Innertube - £15

Have an awkward tyre that keeps going flat with out any obvious reason? Or do you need an expert to fit a new inner tube? Our mechanic will come to you, locate any issues and fit a new inner tube.

Gears Setup - £25

A full Setup of your bikes gears to ensure smooth changes and make sure each gear is useable. (Front and Rear)

Brake Setup(Per Brake) - £15

We will check your brake and make sure it is step up for the best stopping power.

Wheel Truing(Per Wheel) - £20

Using professional equipment and expertise, our mechanic will straighten out your wheel.

Hydraulic Brake(Per Brake) - £25

Is your hydraulic brake not working or feeling right? Our mechanic can bleed the fluid and make sure everything it as it should be.

Don't know whats wrong with your bike? Or do you need help with a restoration?

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