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The Core Bike Show 2022

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

We recently just went to the Core Bike Show! What is this? This is a yearly event in the UK where all the major brands and suppliers in the cycling world come and show off new products. From Hope and Bosch to Mavic and Moore Large. We now have some new knowledge in the direction of bicycles and in this blog we will share our findings.

One major part of what we came to see was how electric bikes have taken the cycling world by storm! They are now becoming more affordable and even lighter. We expect to see many more people using an electric bike in the near future. With this in mind we hope to one day be able to offer more services towards these bike, however at the moment we can't offer services todo with the motors or software.

One big change comes in braking systems. We saw this one coming, but almost every bike, wheel set and brake parts on show were disc brake! Disc brakes have become so popular in the last 5 years and that has come to show. Take a look at this bike for instance. Yes, it is a childs bike... with disc brakes! Does this mean the end for rim brakes?? Not just yet. People, including ourselves, still use rim brakes religously and the parts are very easy to get hold of. With this said though, it could be the time to give disc brakes a try. With such a variety of different makes and types, there's plenty of option out there for disc brakes. You can even buy special sprays to stop them being so noisy!

I think Ray is in love!

Road cyclists don't fear! The bikes being made are even more stylish than ever!! Brands like Colnago and Look are smashing it once again. New areo frames built with lighter materials topped with eye popping colours and patterns.

What are these? Lights? Something totally unheard of?

If you knew or thought bells you are correct! No longer do bells need to be big bulbous things which become loose and roll about! These bells are flat rounded peices of metal designed to be flat but still ring loudly.

Inner tubes are still being redesigned and innovated! This is Pirelli's new 'Smart Tube'. What is a 'Smart Tube'?

It is a new inner tube made from TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) and is stated to be up to 70% lighter than typical inner tubes and 50% more compact and resistant to punctures.

It could be something we should try out and review? Let us know if you would like to us to do this.

Thank you for reading this blog! We hope you enjoyed it and found it as interesting as we did!


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