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Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Everyday we are expanding our business with the aim that we can reach more people of derby and south derbyshire. For those who are new to us you may want to know what we do and how we differ to over bicycle repair services.

We are a Mobile Bicycle Repair service based in Willington, South Derbyshire. We are here to make it easier for you to get your bicycles repaired, setup, serviced, built and even restored. Other than our General Service, Full Service and Restorations, we aim to come to your home or even workplace and repair, setup or build your bicycles. With our service options and restorations we will need to take these back to our 'Service Shed'.

It's as easy as 1-2-3! Simply contact us with what service you require or the issue you have with your bike(s) and we will find the best time and date next available to come to you. Gone are the days of squeezing bikes into your car to take it to the local bike shop! Even better, our suppliers are the best in the business. We also try our very best to cut down waiting time upon needing new parts to be ordered.

bike repair derbyshire
bicycle gear setup

Yearly Service Reminder?

If you regularly use your bicycle it will need a service eventually, however it is recommended that a bicycle that is used regularly (4-5 a month across the year) Gets a service once a year. By signing up to our service reminders, we simply remind you each year that your bike is due for it's service.

Members Page?

Yes on our new website we have a members area where you can sign up to share your pictures, videos and expierences cycling. By being a member it will make it easier for us to contact you for service reminders whilst also making it a better way to interact with our loyal customers! It is still new to us and we hope to be able to expand on the members areas more as we understand how it works for everyone.


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